The One Million Tonnes Campaign

Maximize your profits and minimize your environmental impact

As data centre and IT energy consumption continues to grow at an unsustainable, exponential rate the One Million Tonnes Campaign aims to cut back carbon emissions by 1 million tonnes in Europe’s IT activity. That boils down to 1 billion or 30% in savings on operational and development costs.

The campaign will achieve its objectives through an online open community of members and experts. Members will be able to explore and collaborate on environmentally friendly and economically viable solutions. It will bring solutions, including Beeyon’s unique Papillon data centre and IT energy and performance management system to boost profitability and make our shared environment greener.


Finding and creating new opportunities. Act now.

Face the facts:

  • Wasted energy from the world-wide the data centre industry could power New York twice over;
  • Data centres emit as much CO2 as the airline industry;
  • In a typical data centre 30% of the IT assets are completely redundant;
  • If trends persist, data centres will consume 20% of all electricity production by 2025.

The good news is that there are many opportunities for improving the way we deploy and use our IT assets. But, as we move towards achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement, it’s not just about new technologies. It’s about our willingness to act with commitment.

Now is your chance to show your commitment while also achieving significant cost and energy reductions in your data centre, or IT facilities. Join the One Million Tonnes Campaign as an early adopter!

De-carbonise your IT!
Join the One Million Tonnes Campaign

Sponsor the One Million Tonnes Campaign and help strengthen your credibility as environmentally aware company. Boost your visibility, connect and collaborate with like-minded solution seekers looking for maximum profitability at minimal environmental impact.

Nature’s own solution to pollution

But why wait? Join today and use nature’s solution to fight pollution. Adopt a tree and de-carbonise your IT. It’s as simple as that.

It takes 2 trees to do the job for a laptop and 40 trees to de-carbonise a single server for life.

Adopt-a-Tree options and benefits

Platinum Sponsorship

Adopt 40 trees for €3,500 and de-carbonise 1 server for life.

Reduce your carbon footprint and increase your IT productivity. Get 40% off Beeyon’s data centre energy and performance measurement and management audit tool.

Gold Sponsorship

Adopt 10 trees for €1,000 and de-carbonise 5 laptops for life.

Reduce your carbon footprint and increase your IT productivity. Get 10% off Beeyon’s data centre energy and performance measurement and management audit tool.

All Adopt-a-Tree sponsors enjoy the following:

  • Dialogue and interaction with other campaign sponsors.
  • Designated Platinum and Gold sponsor status on One Million Tonnes Campaign web
  • Media publicity of your green credentials at European and international level.
  • Option to publish your carbon reduction and other environmental achievements on the One Million Tonnes Campaign website.
  • One Million Tonnes Campaign logo on your website.
  • Direct input to Beeyon: ensure the topics or information of your choice are featured on the campaign website.

One Million Tonnes

Beeyon – Helping identify up to 40% in costs and emissions savings

Beeyon brings you Papillon: the tool that gives you control over your data centre energy and performance management. Involving no data centre downtime, Papillon installs in minutes and integrates easily with existing systems. It’s a game changer that analyses energy consumption and translates this into meaningful business KPIs, it also automatically identifies energy saving options.

Adopt-a-Tree programme

On average, a mature tree absorbs 22 kilos of carbon per year. An average laptop, on the other hand, has a carbon footprint of approximately 42 kilos every year. The Adopt-a-Tree programme demonstrates the impact of even minor IT activity. It also shows that if we are prepared to act – even in a small way – we can effect a change that has an impact in a much larger way.

The first plantation is located in County Wicklow in Ireland, a brisk 30-minute drive from Dublin. Similar plantation sites will be supported by  Beeyon throughout Europe.

Innoenergy is the EU’s largest sustainable energy programme. The One  Million Tonnes Campaign is supported by InnoEnnergy and the Solar Impulse Foundation, one of the world’s largest sustainable solution partners