January 19 2020: Beeyon launch their partnership with US-based Arcturus Technologies

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January 19 2020: Beeyon launch their partnership with US-based Arcturus Technologies

A Joint venture with Arcturus Technologies will allow for a robust I.T Audit. This will be a solution for Maximum Performance at Minimal cost. Integrating Beeyon’s Papillon system with Arcturus’ Applicare tool set, organisations can now conduct a business and technical audit in one solution. Operational costs and business impact analysis is now available with I.T performance and reliability assessment.

As a C-Level executive, senior business decision-maker, or data center manager, have you ever asked yourself any of these questions in relation to your I.T system?

  • Why are most companies with cloud facilities investing capital in I.T assets that are 30% redundant?
  • Why has the priority of managing I.T resources focused primarily on security and continuity at the expense of operational efficiencies?
  • How do you access the environmental and financial benefits of your corporation’s I.T sustainability strategy, and publicise to your  customers your environmental concerns and achievements?
  • Why have technical decision-makers insufficient and inadequate information while financial and business managers are frustrated with the mountain of technical information that they don’t understand?
  • Why are the majority of decision-makers and stakeholders in the I.T management hierarchy, in  the dark, still working in isolated silos with limited  and restricted visibility of the “Big Picture” of their I.T infrastructure?

The I.T Audit

  • Is a complete software solution, which is non-intrusive, installs in minutes and is compatible with all operating systems.
  • Operates in the background and has no affect on the performance of the host I.T system.
  • Requires no purchase of licenses.
  • Can be performed at any time and for any agreed duration.
  • Data remains on site.
  • The Papillon and Applicare tool sets can be installed separately or integrated.

It is recommended that audits be conducted every 3-6 months so that actions can be taken in view of the audit recommendations and their benefits subsequently ascertained. The audit generates dashboards and reports in the context of the matrices specific to each stakeholder in the management hierarchy e.g. The operational cost and time for each customer purchase transaction for the business service manager, compared to the power consumption of running different servers for the data center manager.