Environmental Thought of the Week : Talanoa

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Environmental Thought of the Week : Talanoa


As CEO of Beeyon, I thought that once a week we would post an Environmental  Thought of the Week, just for a few moments thought and reflection. So here is the first…..

Talanoa is a traditional Fijian word used across the Pacific to denote a dialogue of mutual respect and integrity, to solve problems as a group, for the collective good.

It very accurately describes the dialogue in which we must engage at an organisational, local, national and international level, if we are to achieve the goals of the Paris agreement and limit the rise in global temperature by no more than 1.5C.  Talanoa also emphasises that as much as technology can assist in solving our Climate challenge, the core of our solution lies with our will to act with commitment.

The UN has embraced the spirit of Talanoa, and you can visit their website, https://talanoadialogue.com/,  and start your Talonoa dialogue.