Application fields

At each management level

Papillon has multiple uses in private and hybrid data centre scenarios, and for tenants of colocation facilities. In the case of private and hybrid situations all users and service providers can investigate the costs and economics of all the centre’s commercial activity in terms of business objects defined by each stakeholder extending from the operational, middle and senior c-level management of an organisation’s hierarchy. Papillon closes the loop in any strategy plan, ensuring a collective solution empowered by contributions from all organisational levels. Furthermore, cost reduction strategies can be assessed relative to effectiveness and impact metrics.

In the case of colocation tenants, Papillon gives a very accurate account of the actual power demand of the I.T assets hosted by the colocation provider. This gives invaluable provisioning information that can be used to ascertain lower but adequate power requirements when negotiating block tariffs with providers. Since Papillon is a total software solution, installation in a colocation site can be done as a normal software installation by the tenant.

Potential of energy reduction